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In an ever-more complex work environment, executive coaching enables leaders to perform at their best.

Whether you are focused on achieving an individual career goal, success with a team project, or are going through a time of transition, our in-depth, one-to-one coaching service is designed to help you and your team to achieve even greater results.

We have worked with hundreds of clients on a range of issues to help them get to the next rung on the ladder from preparing for a major presentation, to working on developing their vision.

Our experienced coaches understand the challenges you face and can act as the catalyst for you to achieve your goals

You will learn how to:

  • Improve your leadership skills, confidence and presence
  • Enhance your performance
  • Manage self and staff through the change process
  • Improve your ability to persuade, influence and motivate for results
  • Have greater impact
  • Enhance your authority and confidence

Focus Areas:

  • 4 stages of chairing a meeting
  • Self-awareness and behavioural style
  • Maximising participation
  • Decision making and creating action.
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