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Have you ever heard someone say” it’s a zoo around here” when describing your workplace?

All organisations are like zoos and are made up of staff and customers who communicate a bit like animals.

In this humorous book, perfect for leaders at all levels, Una and Nigel share their guide to better communication in the workplace. They explain how you can become a more effective communicator and ultimately leader, by recognising the variety of communication styles used by the animals in your zoo and adapting your strategy accordingly.

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The new rules for better communication

Written by Nigel Risner and Una McSorley, this book explains how you can become a more effective zoo keeper by recognising the variety of communications styles used by the animals in your zoo, and adapting your strategy accordingly.

Having spoken to thousands of people, Nigel and Una have developed a unique understanding of communications styles. The book sets out the animals and zoo keeper model that has been presented to audiences around the world.

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You'll learn how to identify and relate to the various personalities in your life:

  • the visionary, single-minded lion
  • the playful, extrovert monkey
  • the careful, analytical elephant
  • the caring, supportive dolphin

About the Authors

Una McSorley

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Una Mc Sorley is a leading authority on business communication skills. Recognised as a communications expert in complex communications issues, people management skills and personal development. She has also built a reputation for excellence in this field and is renowned for her ability to engage and motivate teams of all sizes.

Along with Nigel Risner, she is the co-author of ‘It’s a zoo around here’ a humorous guide to better communication in the workplace. Teaching leaders how to overcome the hurdles of poor communication, and workplace rivalry they guide people and organisations of all sizes to transform their strategy, communication and leadership for the better.

Nigel Risner

Nigel risner

Nigel Risner has risen to international prominence as an inspirational speaker and peak performance coach. His high-energy messages show both companies and individuals exactly how to achieve long-term success by improving their number one resource - their people.

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