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Interview Skills Coaching

Who looks forward to a job interview? Very few of us. Like many, the thought of a job interview fills you with dread. Perhaps your last interview didn’t go the way you have planned. The questions you anticipated didn’t come up. You couldn’t recall the right example at the right time. You didn’t come across as confident and in control. Sound familiar?

Being interviewed is a daunting experience for most of us but with the right preparation, you can learn to perform better and give yourself the best chance of being successful. Getting the right advice and the right career coach at this key moment is essential.

Specialists in Competency Based Interview Skills

If you want to progress in your career, you may face being interviewed many times. Becoming better at job interviews is an essential career skill. We have 20 years’ experience in providing interview skills training and coaching to the professional sector.. We have extensive experience of participating on selection panels and assessment centres. We specialise in coaching competency-based interviews for a range of positions within the private and public sector.
Marcomm have particular experience in working with candidates applying for roles in Northern Ireland Civil Service, Health and Social Care Sector, Local Councils and Education. We have coached hundreds of candidates up to director and board level positions helping them deliver their best interview performance when it matters.

    One to One Coaching Package:

    We offer an intensive personalised one-to-one coaching package that is tailored specifically around the role you have applied for.

    What you will receive:

    • 4 hours intensive face to face coaching (Covid rules permitting) or 2x2 hours virtual training via Zoom
    • Our support materials including a comprehensive Competency Based Interview Workbook and our CBI Example Templates. If an unseen presentation is an element of the process, you will also receive our Presentation Toolkit.
    • Support to analysis the job description, personal specification, and Competency Framework to identify what the employer is looking for.
    • Help on how to structure your examples and how to map them against the specific competency.
    • Review of your responses to ensure your examples match what the panel are looking for.
    • Tips on how to rehearse properly to build your confidence.
    • Video recording playback to help you come across with confidence and impact.
    • Clients will also receive 1 hour of free feedback on materials submitted, post training session.

    Additional coaching sessions if required will be offered at a reduced rate.

        Don't leave it to chance - book now !

        Our interview skills coaching has delivered success for many of our clients. We cannot guarantee you that you will be successful in your next interview, but we can guarantee that with the right preparation you can learn how to dramatically improve your next interview performance.

        Click Contact below to book your free 15 minute consultation and take the next step in giving yourself the best chance of getting that job.

        What some of our clients say

        "I can't understate the impact those sessions have had on my interview technique. I've secured two jobs with ease since, whereas I really struggled before. I am extremely grateful to you both"

        One to one interview training - trainee tax advisor

        This was an invaluable learning experience in how to get prepared for competency-based interviews. I really had no idea how to prepare properly”

        Food Safety Manager, Public Sector

        "Good pace and well delivered. Gerry was very knowledgeable with good examples and explanations made relevant to everyone.”

        Career Development programme Translink

        “I did a presentation on Monday morning and have been told that I got the job. Thank you very much for all the help you gave me – couldn’t have got past Stage 1 without you “

        One to One interview coaching - Banking sector.

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